Prevention-first SaaS platform for insurance.

Prevent and reduce claims, boost revenue, increase retention & loyalty.

Built by a team behind award-winning insurtechs, showcased in

Smart-tech and behavioural science powered insurance solutions

Prevent and Reduce Claims
A toolkit and education to protect what matters most to your customers.
Boost Revenue
Generate upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
Build Loyalty & Trust
Increase engagement by leveraging Locket’s loyalty rewards system.

Claims Prevention

Smart tech-powered prevention tools

Locket’s integration with smart devices allows consumers to prevent bad things from happening in the first place. From stopping leaks and fires to deterring burglars.

Expert videos

We've teamed up with experts in safety and security to provide content that's engaging and entertaining, but also educational at the same time.

Marketplace for preventative products and services

Locket Connect Marketplace provides your customers with access to exclusive deals on products and services that are relevant to their safety and security.

Revenue Generation

Insurance Wallet

Allows your customers to keep the details of all of their insurance policies in your app. Capture renewal dates and other relevant details to upsell and cross-sell your products.

Switching Service

Self-serve feature that allows your customers to switch away from their existing insurance provider seamlessly.

Build Loyalty & Trust

Loyalty Reward System

Deploy a loyalty programme that rewards your customers for engaging with your brand. Reduce your cost of acquisition and motivate your customers to use expert educational content.

Emergency Toolkit

Increase customer trust and demonstrate that your interests are aligned with theirs, by providing emergency assistance for a range of situations. As a result, enjoy lower claims-handling costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Engaging Content & Features

Provide useful tools that encourage the use of your Locket Connect-powered mobile app.

Platform Analytics

Prove your ROI with our flexible and powerful Platform Analytics Dashboard.

Real-life stories of customers using Locket-powered solutions

My price went up about 40% and still stayed with you. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is
Steven F.
I get the impression you actually want to help me, not just take my money and hope to never hear from me again.
Mary W.
I love that you reward safer homes. Why don’t all insurers do this?
Max H.
For the first time in my life I feel like I’m on the same team as the insurer.
Peter S.
I certainly get a lot more out of it.
Hannah J.
I never thought I would describe insurance as “fun” - I can’t quite believe I’m doing it now.
Ava W.

In collaboration with preventative smart tech manufacturers

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